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Sweet Candy Creations, Woodbridge ON

Sweet Candy Creations, Woodbridge ON

Holiday Gifts for that Special Someone!

Welcome to Sweet Candy Creations in Woodbridge, Ontario!
We are happy to offer something sweet for everyone!

Treat Yourself…and your guests!
Sweet Candy Creations provides a wide variety of candy and confectionery as both gifts and special event buffets! Whether you’re looking to brighten someone’s day, or for something sweet at your next special event, Sweet Candy Creations is happy to serve you!

Sweet Candy Creation, Woodbridge Ontario
Sweet Candy Creations, Woodbridge Ontario

Custom arrangements and more!
We provide specially made custom arrangements for the one you love! Our candy is of the highest quality, and our service matches! We offer a wide selection of candy and chocolate to choose from and are happy to work with you to create something beautiful and delicious!

Sweet Candy Creation, Woodbridge Ontario


Sweet Candy Creations

Sweet Candy Creations is a new concept in planning your special event. Fun, colourful and delicious, candy makes a unique gift, a stunning centrepiece, or a wonderful buffet for your wedding, shower or other occasion.....

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A new concept in candy

Candy isn’t just for kids, and it’s not just what you can get at the corner store. Candy is fun and colourful, charming and delicious.....

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Candy for your special day

Candy buffets are one of the top trends in wedding receptions. Festive and fun, a candy buffet will make your event memorable....

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Everyone loves candy

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Candy-coated memories

Kids love candy. We all did when we were little, and lots of us still do. Many of our childhood memories connect with the image and taste of candy....

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